Classes: Thai Traditional Dance

Thai Dance Experience

Spend a wonderful day experiencing the beauty and grace of Thai dance as part of your holiday in Thailand.

A program for holiday travelers wishing to spend a day in Bangkok. Complete with a parlor photograph in a traditional Thai dance costume and class certificate.

Program 2,500 Baht
  1. Dress up as a traditional Thai dance trainee.
  2. Perform the traditional "warm-up" exercises.
  3. Learn the formal way to express the Thai greeting, the "wai" , holding both hands together and saying "Sawadee".
  4. Learn the hands and feet movements of Thai dance.
  5. Learn the Thai body and hands gestures to express feelings such as "sadness", "love" and "smile".
  6. Now follow along with your instructor andhavea lesson in performing a Thai dance.
  7. Experience the wearing of the traditional Thai dance costume as seen in the photo, complete with makeup.
  8. Pose for a personal parlor photograph against a traditional Thai backdrop to share with your family and friends.
  9. Receive a certificate from the International Thai Dance Academy suitable for framing along with your photo