Classes: Fruit and Vegetable Carving

History of Thai Carving

Thai carving has been a part of Thai culture since Sukhothai dynasty. Women in the palace had learnt to carve and taught to their children.

Various kind of fruits and vegetables can be carved to various shapes and sculptures.

After the whole course a certificate will be given by Thai Art & Cultural Center.

Tuition fee

Admission fee 500 Baht 
Tuition fee must be paid before starting the course (pay for the first 12 times then pay again after finish 12 times)
5% discount on tuition fee if paid all at once (tuition fee for 48 times)

Basic: 5 days(30 hours)

Learn how to use carving tools, basic carving with Fruit and Vegetable into simple flower sculptor and decoration.

Beginner to intermediate course (total 48times 84hours)

Beginner course
90mins×12times(18hours) tuition fee for one class is 450 Baht×12times =5,400Baht (book and cost of materials 500 bath
- learn carving in Thai traditional patterns, flower patterns, and modern patterns. The instructor will be there to instruct you whole time and finished piece can be brought back home.

Elementary course90mins×12times(18hours) tuition fee for one class  500 Baht×12times =6,000baht
 (book and cost of materials 500 bath

- Use a skill learned from the previous course to create new designs such as more kind of flowers, birds, etc.

Intermediate course1120mins×12times(24hours) tuition fee for one class 550Baht×12times =6,600Baht (book and cost of materials 500 bath
- Step up to the other level of Thai carving. This course is mainly focused on learning to carve bigger designs.

Intermediate course2120mins×12times(24hours) one class 600Baht×12times =7,200Baht
book and cost of materials 500 bath
- This course is focused on creating a big piece of carve work, for example, watermelon and melon carving or soap carving in a bigger size and various designs.

Completion test will be arranged at the end of the course. Students will be evaluated by carve work of their own designs.  Certificate will be given if the test result is satisfied. (Certification fee is required)

Thai carving advanced course  
Take carving to the next level with ITDA

Advanced fruit carving course 112times (36hours)
Learn to carve letters, popular designs, or classic designs on watermelon or melon.

Advanced fruit carving course 212times (36hours)
Carve your own special designslearn techniques to show more expression into your carving.

Advanced fruit carving course 312times (36hours)
Learn to carve ITDA original advanced designs. This course aims to practice various carving techniques.

Advanced fruit carving course 41times (36hours)   
Learn techniques to carve Thai unique patterns and improve an ability to create advanced carve work.